What Shaped Me?

What Shaped Me First Free Write

            For starters I want to explain why this picture is even involved in this description as to how I became an effective communicator. For starters I drew this picture during this previous summer when I was bored and I really put some thought into why I choose this picture to describe my brothers and I over anything else. I am the youngest of three older siblings two of which are brothers, the oldest being my sister. I was fortunate enough to be close in not only age with my oldest brother being two years older and my other brother being only a year older, but also relation with my brothers. We always hung out growing up and throughout the years we have only become closer and closer. We have a very strong family bond throughout our family and it has really had a huge effect on my life in everything that I do. My brothers no matter what we were doing have always challenged me, whether it was sports or school I was in constant competition to be the best.
            Although there was always a challenge to be the best there was an even greater support to pick each other up when we fell. We had each other’s backs no matter if we were right or wrong in a situation and that lead me to think of drawing this. Even in the craziest stupidest things we did in life we always found ways to have a great time with each other, even if it resulted in one of us getting injured. We grew up and went to the same high school where the names “Rock,” “Stone,” and “Pebbles” came into play. The nickname that our friends individually gave us was “Rock,” because our last name is pronounced “Rock O Vich.” That became a problem when we entered high school, because we all couldn’t have the same nickname, so people came up with rock because it is the largest of the three, then stone due to the fact that it was smaller then a rock, and pebbles the nickname given to me because it is the smallest of the three. The names stuck and the family loved it. Now to get into why this cartoon is picked.
We watched this show Ed, Edd, and Eddy growing up with my siblings. The part we liked about it most was that we could individually relate to each character. My brother Jake, the oldest was always that clever kid that really came up with all the stupid ideas that we took part in as kids. The smallest character in the front was just like that. He always had a plan to do something no matter how dumb or fun it was. The character was the brain of the group. The next character getting held up was the smartest and most realistic of the three and usually got dragged into the stupid things that the others did. My brother Josh was just like that. He always was quiet until my brother and I had something stupid to do. He would try and stop us, but we dragged him into it anyways. The third character in the back was the youngest that, well, wasn’t the brightest of the bunch that just did what the other characters said to do. That was me! I looked up to them and just followed into the good or bad things we did.
The characters were inseparable and always had each other’s backs just as we did. I loved how believable the oldest brother in the cartoon made stuff seem. He always found a creative way to get the other two to become involved. That is how my brother was and I learned to be just like that when communicating to people. I always had to make people believe that what I was saying came from the heart and meant something. I had to find clever ways to communicate a message. No matter what it was I had to be passionate about it. I learned that my younger brother of the two was always smart when speaking to others. He learned everything about a topic and looked at it from so many different perspectives. My brother isn’t always the best speaker, but because he became so educated with his topic he developed confidence in speaking. It taught me to learn all about topics before blindly talking about them. Finally, the show is all about kids having fun trying to get things done. I learned from both of them to have fun with what I do in life. When talking I had to have fun and enjoy what I did. My brother’s were the perfect blend of outgoing and educated and I strived to be like them.
I am an outgoing kid that loves to talk and get to know people no matter who they are or what they look like. I use my energetic personality to make people laugh and make things exciting. My family has taught me to just go for it in life and I have always been the brother that is known for being the most sociable. I picked up in the way to do things from my family. Another key part to this is that the characters would always strive to find ways to get jawbreakers in the show. That was their biggest goal was to get that sweet nectar. There are logos of three schools in this picture one is of Lake Forest College, Illinois State University, and Lewis University. Those were our jawbreakers in life. We came from a family where money was always an issue and we had to fight to get what we wanted. We were always chasing that dream to get to college and make our parents proud. We would do what ever it took to get there.
Sports helped shape me as well. I play baseball and it is a game of failure. It made me realize that life isn’t easy and in order to get where you need to go failure is going to happen. It showed me to not be fearful, because there are going to be sometimes where you fall. Speaking is easy, compared to life. All the information I need about something is always in front of me and it is on me to learn what is needed. This show was just like my stages of growing up, because it has taught me that in life I need to be educated, creative, clever, and outgoing to be successful. Failure is there no matter what, but I can’t let that stop me from getting where I need to be. Thanks to my brothers I have been shaped into an effective communicator. If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am today. The make up of all three of us created brotherhood and each of us play a huge role in each other’s lives.
The success of the oldest in the family trickled down to the youngest. Our competitive side became a side of support for us to be great. We were no longer competing to be the best amongst each other, but to help each other become the best they could be. I have been shaped to be who I am by my brothers and sister, so without them I wouldn’t be comfortable speaking to people. They have had a direct effect on my personality and education and I couldn’t be happier.

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