Design Plan/Statement of Purpose (Research Paper)

Design Plan (Research Paper)
Audience- People that grew up on Disney/animation fans/Pixar
Concerns/Needs- I need to create a paper that shows the affects Pixar animation has had on the animation world
Expectations- Create a research paper
Medium- Paper with some pictures (possibly)

Free Write For Research Paper

            For the research paper I would like to do something that involves the world of Disney Pixar, because I feel that narrowing down the topic from my photo essay will be difficult for the research to be simplified. I think that I want to do something with the start of Pixar or the affect that that type of animation had on the world and how it has changed today in society. I think that Disney will be a much more interesting topic to me only because I feel that the topic of my photo essay is too broad of a topic to search in some aspects. I think that the area of Pixar is another thing that ahs great interest to me, so I think that I can research that and create an effective essay explaining the ways that Pixar animation has given birth to new technology in the animation world and real world.

Statement of Purpose

            For this research paper I want to create document that explains how Disney’s Pixar Animations has grown and developed over time. I want to grab audiences of all ages and ethnicities, because I feel that everyone appreciates a little Disney. I think that by creating an essay that has a few pictures it will help secure audience focus throughout the whole paper creating maximum effect on my topic. I think that the professor wants me to create and execute a paper that will be different then the typical 8-10 page paper that research papers usually follow. I think that by incorporating some pictures the audience will be able to see how the times of animation have changed and show what affect Pixar had on the animation world. I want my audience to leave with some sort of knowledge that they never had before about their favorite animation brand Disney. When I look at the paper I want to be able to see what I learned and incorporate that into the research paper. The real reason behind my decision to choose Pixar over anything else is because I grew on it and can relate some life events to it. I think that Disney does a great job connecting with multiple generations, both those that have grown up on their animation as well as new generations growing up on the new Disney. By writing and researching an interesting topic that will appeal to a wide variety of people I will open up some doors to throw some personal thoughts in my paper. I want to wow my audience with some facts that I have learned about the coming to of Pixar. I think that not a lot of people know too much about how it all got started or even where it all got started, so I want to show them. This is not the finalized form of what I want to write about I may even change my topic, but this is kind of the direction I want to go with when writing this research paper.

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