Commentary on What Shaped Me

Commentary (What Shaped Me)

My emotional and mental thoughts in my free write were starting to flow like the hypothetical river I would always be told about in previous classes. Apparently, this feeling was what I would write like, thoughts running smoothly and every bump in its path was just another idea to be expanded upon. Free write became a habit to me and I was addicted to building on my ideas. In the beginning of the class I would just write to get the class work over with and my grades reflected that, but I quickly realized the importance of not only attending class, but also intentionally participating in the activities.  I experienced my first blog a couple weeks into class and it grabbed my attention in a couple of ways. I wasn’t use to the idea that I would post something on the Internet for everyone to see. I didn’t want people to judge me or mock me for the way I wrote, but I realized that blogging was almost a means of feedback from outside sources. People were able to express what they enjoyed or what they felt could be changed in my writing projects and it helped ease my mind when jotting down thoughts onto paper.

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