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Commentary On Research Topic

For the research paper I knew the general idea that I wanted to go with, but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to write eight to ten pages on my thoughts. I knew I wanted go down the path of Pixar and how it changed the world, but I just didn’t think that it was interesting at all. I wanted to go deeper then just “Pixar” and how it changed the world of animation. There was one more thing that I wanted to incorporate that would make the paper worth reading. It hit me when I started combining the two previous projects. I was always playing the critic or the creator in both papers. I was the artist! I wanted to go into the mind of the artist and find out how they function. I thought that it would be interesting to explain to my audience the process in which the animator broke down the make up of the character. You see; the first two projects are what lead me to my final design for my research topic. Without thinking in a critical sense and a creative sense I wouldn’t have wrote about the topic I did. I would end up spending more time learning about my topic then I expected, but in the end I was happy with what I decided to write about.
I was in the building stages of my research topic and had to create an annotated bibliography, something I wasn’t so use to doing. This year was bringing a lot of changes for me, because I wasn’t use to doing projects and activities like these before. The annotated bibliography would help me in the long run; saving me some much needed time. Instead of bouncing back and forth between articles trying to find which article talked about what, the bibliography put the information right in front of my face. I didn’t know what direction to take at first, but I would look at the examples of annotated bibliographies and told myself to just do it right the first time. I was finally starting to take the needed time to just do things right the first time so that in the end I would just have to place the pieces in their desired spots to create something beautiful. I was finally starting to think like a writer should. Now I was organizing papers, telling stories, and managing my time well. The bibliography would need some changes, but with the help of some peer reviews and supportive teacher the process would be quick and easy. Just another step closer to my perfect paper!

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