Reflection (Annotated Bib)

Reflection (Annotated Bibliography)
I truly didn’t even know what an annotated bibliography was to be honest. I was concerned, but after some serious explaining by Doctor Wielgos, I was able to break down the bibliography and it actually made my research a whole lot easier. Instead of just making up some random articles like I was use to doing the annotated bibliography challenged me to read and summarize my articles taking the stress out of the cramming I would end up having to do if I just threw a couple articles together not knowing what they were about. The bibliography saved me time from bouncing back and forth trying to find which article meant what. I saw through the peer review there were some things that I had to change and in the end I received a 95/100, which really made me realize the potential for my topic. The annotated bibliography was a way for me to break down each source to see how I could incorporate it in my research paper. Instead of trying to piece things together as I wrote the paper, I could write my paper based off of the sources.
I see how important it is for a writer to take the time to do the research and bibliography right, because if I had submitted my first draft of the bibliography it would have received a much lower grade. I always wanted to just throw sources in, but as the research went on I saw that writing a paper based on what you research would go by much faster. You are able to fly through the paper and build intelligent ideas that your audience will love. Also, the bibliography forces you to look at the paper from every angle, meaning that you are able to find out so much more about your topic when you have to summarize it. I wish I created more annotated bibliographies in high school!

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