Design plan/Statement of Purpose (Cars 2)

Cars 2 Movie Poster (Design Plan)

Statement of Purpose: I am trying to properly analyzing a movie poster to discover the main focus, so I can properly critic it. The purpose is to analyze if the poster does a good job conveying the proper message across to its audience. I want to analyze the Ethos, Pathos, and Logos of the poster to find of the reasons for why it looks the way it does. The movie poster is of a Disney Pixar movie Cars 2

Audience: My intended audience is creator of the poster therefore meaning the organization of Disney and or Pixar. A critic of a poster would obviously want to be seen by the designing team in order for them to see what they did well and what needs to improve for future purposes.

Justification of Statement of Purpose: The reasons for analyzing the poster would be to see what and why it is set up the way it is. Why are certain characters placed where they are and why the choice of the scenery.  I want to analyze the breakdown of the poster to see what the reasoning is behind the setup of the poster and how the audience plays a factor in that setup.

Media or Medium: The choice to write a paper is my media/medium. There will be a visual aspect of the paper as well, so that my audience knows what poster of the movie I am analyzing. By just stating a Cars 2 poster it won’t narrow down the one that I may be studying; that way too when pointing out a certain aspect of the poster my audience may also look at the exact area I want them to.

Arrangement:  The first thing that I am going to do is like I previously stated show a picture of the exact poster that I am viewing. I would then start with a introduction stating what I want to be the main focus of the paper which is why the poster is set up the way it is going into color and background pictures. I would discuss the reasons as to why the characters are placed where they are and why the title is where it is. Then in the body I would go into detail breaking down the pathos, logos, and ethos of the paper. Also, when going into detail I would talk about the facts that I have stated in the introduction. Stating the reasoning behind the setup would be my focus here. Then finally I would conclude with the restating of the thesis and the summary points of the essay.

Description: The way that I plan on producing the communication is by incorporating visuals and texts to grab the audience’s attention. I want to blend the two together to create a sense of interest for the reader. I want to use the visual so the audience can interact with the poster and have input on what I think. I also want to use the paper to break down in points what I am seeing compared to what others are seeing.

Testing:  I am thinking of asking after writing down what I think the reasoning is behind the setup what others feel is the reasoning. That way I can compare and maybe incorporate the ideas to make the most effective analysis.

Strategies: I want to capture the audience’s attention with having a personal ground established to make my context believable. I want to grab the attention of the audience with pictures and interesting points.

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