Reflection (Free Write)

Reflection 1 (Free Write)

My first free write was fun and I liked the topic that I choose. I was able to express myself in a way that I wanted to. I drew the picture and it has personal meaning to me, seeing that I am a huge family person. As I wrote more about the picture it brought me back to the memories I had with my sibling. I almost subconsciously began sparking ideas out of nowhere and the pages seemed to write themselves, which was something I never experienced before when writing a decent length paper. I learned that the paper was a topic that I wanted to write about and not must something thrown my direction for a free write. I learned that writing a paper whether it is a free writes or a research paper, when it comes to length you have to choose a topic you love to learn about. That way when you have to read and look up information about that topic it is something interesting and fun for you to learn. I built an intense excitement to write in my heart and as the desire grew, so did the length of my papers. This river was a beginning to develop its on rapids, each time we would free write and blog a small topic I was able to finish it in a respectable amount of time while creating something unique and fun to read.
Writing could now be seen as amusing to me because of how easy thoughts could pop into my head, but there was still a problem putting the thoughts into words in an understandable way for my audience. Free write was easy for me to comprehend, but these free writes weren’t grammatically or “academically” graded really. Doctor Wielgos just wanted us to write without stopping to see how much we could come up with off the top of our heads, which I truly respected. Free write was my escape from the real word; well at least the real world in terms of writing. The problem was I had to find a way to get my message across by using a different type of medium and the very first writing project was the first challenge for me to create something worthy of a collegiate grade.

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