Reflection on Peer Review

Reflection 2 (Peer Review/Thoughts)

            Peer review is definitely something I look back on and appreciate a whole lot. The ability to have an outside source correct the little things in my paper so that I would make adjustments to it was just awesome. It really helped me develop into the writer I was in my final drafts. The various personalities of my classmates was something I took for granite, because the different mindsets helped me to attack all areas of the audience. They would constantly give me great feedback and it really helped to improve my papers all around. It also stopped me from making the same mistake over and over again, which saved me a whole lot of time when writing. I believe that the peer review is overall one of the most important elements of feedback for a college student, because it gives them the ability to obtain opinions of outside sources to benefit their paper. I think that it improves the quality of the paper for the benefit of the student. If I don’t understand the process and write a paper totally wrong it is up to the peer review to explain the direction they think I should go in order to create a quality project.
            I received some very helpful information from the peer reviews and I am very thankful for their help. Without it I don’t think I would have been able to get through the year so smoothly. When reading the peer review I was able to see what was done right and wrong in my paper and what aspects I should keep or dispose of. I think that it taught me to proofread the paper over and over again so that little mistakes are at a minimum. I was able to take little aspects of other’s writing and make their ideas my own. When I saw how they attacked a project I was able to do the same to mine. It gave me a different thought process when writing papers, because I would always review the most skilled writers in our class. I think that I would give decent advice because I always looked at papers in a visual approach, trying to incorporate some type of element that would grab audience’s attention. I don’t always take the normal approach, which allowed me to give a unique opinion towards the papers of my peers. Overall, I would suggest a peer review to anyone and I believe it should be required in every writing class. Not only will you see other’s mistakes and improve them, you will learn how to analyze your own paper. Just another asset I would be able to utilize!

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