Design Plan/Statement of Purpose/Feedback (Photo Essay)

Design Plan (Photo Essay)

Can Sports Prepare You For The Business World?

Audience- college students/athletes
Expectations- Create a slideshow explaining the comparing things in sports to the workforce.
Argument- Sports can better prepare someone for the workforce
Audience’s Interaction- Get them to realize how hard sports can be
Needs & Concerns- Getting the message across the way I want to
Image choices- Pictures with caption

Statement of Purpose
Playing a sport in college has really opened my eyes to the real world and the struggles that will come with finding a job, specifically in the field of business. Playing a sport (baseball) where seven out of ten times you will fail will show you that life isn’t always going to go as planned. I want to show people that athletics, through all the ups and downs, can really prepare you for the real world by giving you the necessary skills to start a foundation for success. My audience will consist of college athletes and anyone interested in playing sports in their lifetime. I want to explain to my audience how the structure of sports and the hard work and dedication of sports can prepare someone for the workforce one day.
I want to explain to them that failure in sports can teach a life long lesson to get past hard times. I want to create a slide show that shows and explains how the sports are challenging, but have useful qualities such as leadership. I want my classmates and others to be able to receive and understand the message I am trying to display without my help or presence. One thing I want to want to compare/argue is how leadership in sports prepares you for the real world. I want the audience to look at the questions I ask and try to deeply think, “Wow I never thought of that!” I want my audience to realize some of the stress that comes from sports and see things they do in a whole other way. My concern is that they won’t see it the way I do, confusing the message, so I will have to find a way to interact with my audience in a way that everyone will understand. I think I have a good argument my only goal is to make the audience see what I see.

Doctor Wielgos Comments
I have difficulty commenting on your essay, since you do not have photographs yet. The narrative and direction of the argument seem doable and purposeful. I look forward to seeing the photos speak and make the argument. Be careful that you use photos that compel the reader’s attention and allow us to rationally understand the argument.

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